The Wild Wild West Revisted is a 1979 movie based on the Old series


1880 West and Gordon have retired-West to a mexican Ranch and Gordon as head of a travling Shakspeare acting troup. However both are called back when a villian tries to take over the world again...


Guest Villian Dr Loveless Jr.....Paul Williams

$600. Man and Woman..........Shields and Yarnell

Michael Dunn could not play the part of Dr Loveless as he passed away in 1973. Thus the movie has the death of Dr Loveless died in 1880 due to ulcers brought on by anger at having his plans ruined by West and Gordon and his part played by his son "Dr Loveless Jr"

The "$600" Bionic man and woman is an injoke to The Six million Man and The Six Million woman TV Series

The theme of a villian trying to control the world by doubles of World Leaders was used before in "The Night of the Brain"

The theme of a super weapon of the future aka atomic bomb was also used in 1980 TV Movie "More Wild Wild West"