The Night of the Brain is the 21st episode of Season Two of the 1965 TV series The Wild Wild West. Written by Calvin Clements, Jr and Michael Garrison and directed by Larry Peerce it originally aired on February 17, 1967.

Plot Edit

Twice agents West and Gordon receive advance notices that their friends are going to be killed; to their shock and horror the agents are unable to prevent the murders. The trail leads to a criminal genius named Braine who is attempting to take over the world by replacing the world's leaders with doubles! Can West and Gordon stop him in time?

Episode cast Edit

Guest Villain: Braine.....Edward Andrews

Trivia Edit

The theme of a villain trying to control the world with doubles of the world's leaders was used in the 1979 movie "The Wild Wild West Revisited"

A continuity goof is when Gordon is knocking out Briane's henchmen in order to use his face as a duplicate mask of disguise {Shades of Mission Impossible{!} The goof shows Briane spying on the disguised Gordon with the Henchmen beside Briane-usually a knocked out villain doesn't recover that quickly!

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