Season 2 Episode 19


The agents must trade a Russian convict for a American vice Consul in Siberia


Agents West and Gordon take possession of a Russuin convict Rimsky so he cane be traded for American Vice Consul Millard Boyer; however an assignation attempt on Rimsky causes the convict to try to flee. Trying to elude James West, Rimsky suffers fatal injuries. Gordon officers to take Rimsky place;however both west and Godron/Rimsky are drugged by Captain Kuprin and they wake Siberia! After both agents escape from a traveling coach; West gives himself up to Rimsky cousin Count Nikoli Sazanov; Sazanov has West ried up for execution until Rimsky is found. Gordan/Rimsky gives himself up--and is welcomed by Sazanov and to the surprise --Anastasia Remsky's wife! Sazonov explains to West that Rimsky was his agent in a extoration/blackmail racket among Russian immigrants [the money was to pay off his gambling debts]. Anastasia uncovers Gordons disguise. Both West and Gordon are imprisoned with Boyer; after West claims he knows where the stolen money is; Boyer sees Sazanov and proposes he retrive the money. West and Gordon are captured again. Sazanov orders Kupin to kill the agents. Sazanoz then kills Boyer. West and Gordon overpower Kupin and arrest Anastasia. Meeting a old desert rat propector West and Gordon realize they have never left the United States.."Siberia" was a potimkin village illusion. West tries to arrest Sazanov for extroation and murder; in a one on one knife fight Sazanov is killed. At the end West and Gordon after telling their dates of their "advanture" hypnotize the women to thinking their going out into a really expansive date...


  • John Astin…….....Count Nikolai Sazanov
  • Malachi Throne...Captain Kuprin
  • Susan Odin...……...Anastasia Rimsky
  • Andre Phillippe....Feodor Rimsky
  • Martin Blaine...…..Millard Boyer

Susan Odin married Charles R. Eondeau director of this epsiode