"More Wild Wild West" movie was the second TV movie Spinoff from the Wild Wild West series. It was also the last pairing of West and Gordon.


Once again West and Gordon are called out of retirement to stop a madman Professor Albert Paradine II with his weapons of doom... atomic bombs and Paradine's ability to turn himself invisible...


Guest Villian: Albert Paradine.....Jonathan Winters

"Skinny" Malone.........................Harry Morgan

Dr Henry Messenger..................Victor Buono


This is one of the poorer spinoffs of "The Wild Wild West" among them:

Villian having a destructvee weapon of the future-in this case a atomic bomb such as used in the previous spin off movie "The Wild Wild West Revisted"

This movie has a bit more comic relief than usual-such as having the inept head of the Secret Service "Skinny" Malone turning himself invisible at the end or having Messenger and Malone being handcuffed together and also turning invisible. "Dr Messenger" is a spoof of Secretary of State Dr henry Kissinger. Ironically Victor Buono was more convincing as a villian Count Maseppi in the old Wild Wild West series!