"The Night of the Tottering Tontine" Air date: January 6, 1967 2/16

West and Gordon have to protect an important scientist


Dr Raven is the member of a tontine..four members have already died violent deaths. West manages to save Dr Raven from a rigged explosion..they find it was set off by a member of the tontine who is also found stabbed. Soon afterward another member of the Tontine is killed by a backwards firing pistol. At a isolated mansion another member of the tontine is killed by a booby trapped chair. Soon afterwards the steel door protecting the tontine members is jammed shut while...West is knocked unconscious by masked thugs in the wine cellar. West reveives in a sled powered by rockects set to go off a cliff...West manages to escape at the last mnuite. West manages to put most of the criminal gang hors de combat. Another member of the actress is almost killed by a booby trapped crystal ball -her bodyguard is killed by a hidden gunshot in the cellar. Another member of the Tontine [an author] is killed by a booby trapped electrified book. West manages to capture the leader of the is a Tontine member thought dead [In fact it was his twin brother found stabbed by West]. In a confrontation, the accomplice is the actress..who holds a gun on Dr Raven..while West is trapped in a booby trapped room of hidden guns and descending blades. West manages to stop the blades with his jacket...When his would be killer tries to find out why...West pushes him into his own doom trap and he is killed. His accomplice is captured.